SKÒN SUITS was founded in 2023 and proposes genderless suits. It empowers, strengthens, and pushes everyone to pursue dreams.

Nathalie Klockaerts is the founder. From an early age, she had a strong love for fashion. Always on the lookout for stylish basics with a fun twist, and always experimenting with trends in fashion. After completing her school career, she started working at a marketing agency after that she stumbled into the fashion world.

Things started rolling and the dream for creating her own brand developed further. She was bursting with ideas and went for it. Until she got the news that she was diagnosed with cancer. During chemotherapy, she kept involved in fashion. She loved wearing oversized blazers and stunning trousers. What she noticed was that she felt so much better in a powerful suit. “I always said, if I survive this, I will chase my dreams and create my own brand. And so I did.” 

After the treatment, Nathalie worked for two years to create her own brand. From choosing quality fabrics, to selecting the best suppliers. A brand that represents high quality and timeless basics.

The first collection is a blend of comfort and an oversized fit. Nathalie's mission is for everyone that is wearing a SKÒN SUIT, to feel as powerful as she did during the most difficult period of her life.  


Every suit has a story, which will be yours?